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$421,000 from the Jo Reilly
My car finally died on me after $421,000 miles I am very sad to see Lucille Lexus go....
Apparently 2 expensive x sensors/computer chips need to be replaced and ... I thought it might be time to call it quits on the old gal--- I feel guilty, like putting...

2 thumbs up from the Ben Romano
My instruments panel also went dark a few years ago, and I resisted spending 1 to 2 grand for repair/replacement. Then after reading through a forum I found who repaired it, the broken speedo needle, and the non operating fuel gauge all...

400,000 miles + from the Jody Yardas
My Dad bought this car and handed it down to me. The mileage gauge broke at about 300,000 miles over two years ago and it is estimated that this car has gone over 400,000 MILES!! No joke!! I am in sales and drive all over town every day, 7 days a week...

LS400 HistoryThe Lexus LS (sold as the Toyota Celsior in Japan) is a V8-powered, rear wheel drive luxury car that serves as the flagship of Toyota's luxury Lexus division. A length of almost five meters (200 in) gives the LS a "large car" classification in Europe as well as in the United States. According to reviews, the LS 400 has one of the most silent cabins among modern cars and is sometimes hailed as one of the most refined, well-engineered and technologically advanced vehicles in the high-end luxury car segment. As the LS's suspension is tuned primarily for ride comfort and isolation, the model is often accused of not being as sporty as German competitors such as the BMW 7 Series. The exterior design has also been referred to as being unexciting and ordinary, yet has superb fit-and-finish and one of the lowest drag coefficients of any sedan on the market.

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